10 Awesome Gardening tips to save time, money and work

I love gardening tips and tricks that save me time, money and effort. I have collected ten of my favorite tips for you.
1- Use hair clips to connect plants to stalk. This works especially fine with dahlias and tomatoes. Just ensure the ends of the clip do not pinch into stem.
2- Sprinkle a little-baby powder inside gardening gloves to create them easier to acquire off. This works especially fine for tighter fitting gloves like Atlas nitrile, and once it’s actually hot-out and hands get sweaty.
3- Apply crumpled aluminum foil & water receives rust off little tools like scissors or hand held pruner blades. Yes it truly works. No I did not believe it either before tried it.
4- Apply sealable plastic baggies as a container for starting cuttings. Mix one-cup potting mix and one-cup vermiculate into the bad, stick in your cutting and seal the bag. Stay it in a warm, bright area but not direct sun-light. The bag remains in humidity and there is no need to water. It’s also simple to see when roots sprout at that time to seedlings’ require to be transplanted.
5- Use a clothespin in one-hand to grip a rose branch while pruning with further hand. I do not grow a rose for myself, but remember trying to prune them for gardening customers. No matter how hardy my gloves were, I forever got poked. This appears to make a lot of sense.
6- Apply metal-hangers as a single-stem plants stakes. Stay the hook shape to hold the stem and straighten or cut the rest to stick in the soil.
7- Use an older shower curtain as a trap. This is very helpful for lugging heavy things around without requiring to 1st lift them up into and then down-out of a wheelbarrow and it is remarkable to place below shrubs you’re pruning and then drag complete the clippings away without requiring to rake. I have always applied an actual trap or a metal sled or old plastic for this, but this is an even a cheaper plan!
8- If applying leaves as mulch, oak-leaves take the longest time to break-down and their bitterness deters slugs & grubs. For composting, maple leaves are great as they break-down the quickest.
9- Add salt to soap to more simply clean dirty-hands. This also works to remove take out dye from hands.
10- Spray paint the handles of wood gardening-tools so it’s simple to spot them. You can apply any bright color. If you are spraying a brand new handle, the paint might not adhere simply unless you sand the wood 1st. this trick was a life-saver when I was working for customers, using many tools at once over a huge distance.


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