5 key Tips on How to Grow Mint in Your Garden


Mint is a great herb to use in several different recipes to improve the flavor and it is also pretty simple to grow mint in your garden. Here we’re sharing some key tips on how to grow mint in your garden, and the most vital one, how not let mint take-over your garden.
How to Grow Mint
Mint arrives in several different varieties and is extremely easy to grow. Your mint plant can last for several years if cared for correctly. Mint enjoys soil that is nutrient rich and well drained. It can grow in full sun as well as the partly. You’ll find mint to be an extremely hardy plant to grow.

However, the plant is extremely invasive and will compete with close plants if allowed to grow without restriction. The roots are called runner and grown rapidly. They sprout fresh leaves and new plants as they go and will get over a flower bed or a vegetable-garden in no time if you are not careful.
Plant Mint in a Container
The finest method to grow mint is to contain it. That could be in a planter on your back-porch or a planter in your vegetable-garden. By limiting the growth of the roots, you also control the mint from increasing or actually overtaking you garden if you are not careful. This happened to us the 1st summer we planted mint in our garden. Before long it was all over. It was in our lettuce & in our beans before we understand it and even thought we tried-out best to cut it back, but it kept growing. Next year we planted dug-up our plant and planted it in a five-gallon bucket and then planted the bucket in the garden. Yes, we had to receive rid of most of the unique plant, but that’s okay, our mint is still-alive.
Plant the Container
One you’ve the mint planted in a five-gallon bucket, take the bucket and submerse it into the area in your garden. This will ensure the roots are not capable of spreading and raising new shoots to take over your garden and other plants.
Make it Pretty
We know it’s not that cute, but you receive the plan, put few stones around the bucket so you cannot see the bucket. Once the other plant grows in front of the mint you will never now the mint is planted in a bucket in the ground. And the top part, the mint stays contained in the bucket & remain grows remarkably.

Water the Mint
Water the mint regularly the 1st year. Keep the soil damp but don’t soak it. If your mint is in the direct sun, you will need to water it more straightly. Attempt to harvest the mint before the flowers show. That’s what everybody says, be we enjoy our mint whole summer long. We only pick around the flowers.

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